What We Do

Every day we have the honor, privilege, opportunity and responsibility to serve people that love us unconditionally.

Residential Services

We provide people with disabilities a “forever” home if that is what they want.  We can also provide a “for now” home if their future plan involves a few stops before they get to their “forever” home living situation.  Either way, we strive to make our group homes safe, secure, healthy, supportive and comfortable for the people living there.  We endeavor to support people to experience their community as an active participant, not an observer.  We ensure that we find genuinely caring staff people that we train well.  We expect staff to treat everyone with dignity, respect and provide an abundance of choice making opportunities as we believe every moment of every day is an educational opportunity.  We also believe that Individual needs come first, always.

Behavioral Support Services

Our Adult Day Training (ADT) programs are based on the same founding principles. Our meaningful day curriculum was developed with large concepts including, but not limited to, educational skill development, social skills development, disaster preparedness, personal management and coping skills development, nutritional education, health and wellness best practices, community awareness, self-advocacy and self-determination.

Behavioral Support Services

Our behavior analysis services are designed to help a person learn new skills to replace challenging behaviors. Challenging behaviors may include those that pose a risk of harm to the person and/or the people around him/her. Challenging behaviors also include those behaviors that may prevent someone from fully participating in activities and events, school/day program education/instruction, basic hygiene and medication refusal.

Our staff works with the person and significant people around the person to evaluate environmental factors that may influence the person’s behaviors. We then try to modify that environment to change the behavior to a more socially acceptable, meaningful and appropriate manner.

We Care

We are very fortunate to have found a great mixture of staff people that genuinely care, are passionate about learning and teaching new things and have the desire to support people with a disability to become who they want to become.
We ensure that all of our staff complete a background screening through the local Sheriff’s Dept., the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement (FDLE), FBI and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). All staff receive on-going training in Consumer Bill of Rights, Zero Tolerance Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation; Medication Administration, CPR, First Aid, and Professional Crisis Management (PCM), a reactive strategy management system, in addition to individualized specific instruction.

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